Whisker&Mittens_web-logo1All cats need a spot that they can call their own to stretch and scratch.  Even declawed cats ‘pretend’ to scratch because it’s instinct.  It’s important to pick a cat scratching post that will elite pet cat toys cat scratchers cat tress-catsallow your cat to stretch fully and scratch.  We offer a wide variety of sisal scratching posts and cat scratching furniture, cat trees, play houses, cat towers, hideaways, cat climbers, in varying heights. All are made from a variety of materials, including traditional carpet and sisal rope, to wood fiber. One of the best ways to prevent cats from using your fine furniture for scratching, napping, and roughhousing is to choose quality, long-lasting cat furniture constructed specifically for the needs of cats. At Elite Pet Products, you’ll find items cats will quickly call home. Our designers create some of the best cat scratchers with creativity and flair.


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