Elite Pet carries a wide variety of automotive pet products for travel and auto. Seat buckle dog harnesses, pet carriers, dog car seats, dog seat covers, padded blankets, back seat protectors, dog barriers and dog ramps. Not only do certain types of automotive pet products keep pet hair and dirt off of upholstery, but also many vehicle pet products are designed to keep you and your pet safe.

A 25-pound, unsecured dog, for example, can become a half-ton, deadly projectile to you and your passengers in a 40 m.p.h. crash. Practice safe pet travel by securing your pet like you would a child. Our dog barriers can keep your dog from jumping around the car and going where they shouldn’t. For fidgety and excitable dogs try a safety harness to keep them in the car even if they see a squirrel outside.

We have a dedicated design staff that supports auto retail industry buyers and distributors with a constantly changing product mix. We ship worldwide to multiple pet and automotive retail chains. Our customers love our variety of dog and cat products, beds, toys and accessories.

Just a sample of the many products we carry. Contact us for more information and a full line card.

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